• 3D Gel Number Plate

    We are licensed suppliers of 3D Gel number plates. Walk in service with 3D number plates made in less than 30 minutes. Show Plates also available. Please check the GOV website for more information about the law on number plates We stock: Standard size 520 mm ◊ 111 mm Short plates 42 mm ◊ 111 mm Range Rover Style rear plates (Some sizes and shapes will only be available on special order) We do not post.

    Advantages of converting your standard bulbs for a HID Kit: - Gives your vehicle a better look - Brighter lights - Allows more visibility at night - Low cost - Long lasting This conversion on an average takes around 1 hour to be completed. We offer 1 year warranty on any faults with our kits. *Some cars require adapters. Most Vehicles do not. *Starting prices supplied and fitted £100.
  • Reverse Camera

    Reverse cameras supplied and fitted to aftermarket stereos or with a replacement reverse mirror display. If you already have an aftermarket Stereo, Why not add a reverse camera for parking assistance? Having a good quality reverse camera installed into your vehicle is almost a must these days. Not only can it prevent those annoying car park accidents, it provides peace of mind when there are children around. Save yourself from future headaches and call us now for a quote! Advantages of having reverse camera: - Avoid hitting low walls or short poles - Avoid hitting a car parked behind - Less risks of having an accident or colission Give us a call on 020 8450 4111 for more information on how this works! Unfortunately we do not install retro fit kits.
  • Dash Camera

    Dash cameras Dash cameras supplied and fitted mounted to your dashboard, windscreen or reverse mirror. Record everything whilst driving for safety reasons. Avoid hit & runs and have evidence on your side to protect you on the roads. Starting from £60 supplied and fitted.
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