• Window Tinting Specialists

    Protect your privacy with window tinting.
  • Car Wrapping

    Choose a design and we will implement it.
  • Car Sound System

    Build a quality sound system with car tuning.
Sound System

Upgrade or build your own Sound System with Car Tuning. Our company provides all services required to build a quality and beautiful sound system for your car.

Car Wrapping

At CarTuning we have a highly experienced team of wrappers, pick a colour and we will do the rest!

Window Tinting

Protect your privacy with Window Tinting, Our organization provides the finest service to customers with an affordable price, our team of expertise provides an efficient service using the highest quality materials in the market.

Parking Sensor

We provide car Parking Sensor installation services, at any car make and model, visit our store or contact us today to get a free quotation. Bring your equipment or order direct from us.

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